About Us

Mission of SDS Business HUB (SDS Group):

“To promote unused and recycling of inventory for safer environment by providing accessible and useful information to pharmaceuticals, chemicals and all allied global industries”

Our Corporate team:

SDS Group is a corporate professional team over +17 years experience in Quality, marketing, operations and innovation in India and Global. Our team having experience with large and reputed organizations globally; Team led business development, project management and strategic improvement initiatives. SDS Group team members having a Master of Science (Chemical) India & Team members having MBA in Marketing from Universities at UK.

If you are interested to join our vibrant & passionate team, share your profile along with areas of interest on

Corporate Operations:

Head Office : London : Harrow, Greater London – HA3 8DS, United Kingdom

Branch Office : India : Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Global Market Limitation

Pharmaceuticals and other allied Industries have global standard of quality and processes for operation. They operate in a highly regulated environment governed by GMP, WHO, Ministry of Health and many global standards and so on. Each industries having own analytical testing and development Laboratory, which leads analytical instruments inventory generation which can be in any form such as analytical columns or spares.

The organizations would have inventory because of various reasons such as.

1. Discontinue or Drop of projects, products, and Molecule development procedure

2. Surplus or excess quantity of inventory

3. Vendor’s supply or pack size is more than the requirement

4. Non availability of process to address inventory

5. Restrictions (GMP or others) to address the inventory

6. Product is made from non-approved vendors or vendor is not able to provide supporting documents

7. Expired products but suitable for other applications like textile, printing, plastic, marble cutting, industrial chemicals

8. Product is not meeting a particular analytical specification – such as Serial number, lot number, manufactuere etc

Global industry needs a solution to vital issue of non moving inventory. Moreover, there is huge financial cost of such dead inventory in terms of storage space, maintaining storage condition, disposal cost and interest of investment and many more reasons.

SDS Business Work

SDS Business HUB is a digital platform where relevant and like-minded sellers and buyers can meet. It is a specialized platform for unused, usable, excess, surplus, slow-moving and non-moving analytical instruments spares.

    1.The seller need to register with us and need to upload available unused packed inventory on site with desire given format.

    2. The selling transaction takes online between sellers (usually top 30+ global pharmaceuticals and chemical companies) and buyers with SDS Business Hub.

    3. Buyer have to visit our site and buy product online by paying product offer price with taxes and freight charges in mode of advance payment.

    4. Seller asks Buyer to submit the Purchase Order and Payment confirmation to dispatch the material.

    5. As payment confirmation received from SDS Business Hub through system as well as seller, seller dispatch the material from end.

    6.Seller will share the dispatch confirmation through system.

    7. Buyer must have to confirm receipt acknowledgement by received mail by system.

    8. Seller is happy as they were able to sell unwanted inventry convert to liquidity. Buyer is happy as they bought the same product at discounted price compare to market price.

    9. SDS Business HUB is an effective mediator or deal-maker.

For Seller

  • Seller can visit and choose desire membership package and upload product for selling on site.As on applicable

For Buyer

    1. Buyers search the desire product on

    2. If not registered member, Register with fill the required online form and submit desire documents.

    3. If registered member, log in to site and select online desire product and make payment online. (during online payment, delivery address and Tax related details must be, so it can be reflects on order confirmation)

    4. Payment and order confirmation verify by SDS BUSINESS HUB, after confirmation of payment, auto mail to be generate and send to buyer for order confirmation and a auto mail to seller for the delivery of material to desire address details.

    5. If Buyer have any problem with product, need to do confirmation within 7 days from the date of delivery through mail.

    6. SDS Group need to generate auto Tax invoice by software by deducting Government charges, Business/selling charges and make online payment to seller after 24 days from date of payment received from buyer.

Why To Join Us

“Helping hands always better:” believe it, its works.

When we are facing some issues with respect to out related field work at any industry, at the time if we are thinking positively for the better solution, and will definite got it. Same way this blue ocean technology idea was born in our mind to create such usable and friendly platform for all of us.

We all are know that now a day’s Supply chain services and Logistic services are very important to complete the any new project on or before time for regulatory submission or to achieve market requirements. Now a day’s many times we are facing problem due to vulnerability in supply chain such as logistics supply delay, unscheduled & unpredictable availability, scheduled payments delays, Project requirements are not reaching to require place at desire time, Many times unknowingly desire material / Items available as unpacked / unused inventory in group of companies at different location but we can’t use due to unavailbity of searching facility to find the desire details etc. many more unexpected reasons.

To resolve the problem, a universal common unmatched platform required to gather business team at a single platform to buy or sell required material/Items with respect to project and make Fast availability on time with Quality to avoid delay in projects/Market requirements to achieve management goals.

“SDS Business HUB” is the spiritual birth of this thought.

Hope this new start up will boost your business like rocket moving towards moon.

Thanking you,
Regards | SDS Group.