Idea to implementation

Lets work to cread an innovative idea to till implementation completely.

We are the game-changer as young entrepreneurs professionals & efficient creator of e-marketplace are few words which describe our group as SDS Business Hub, an India based reputed & trusted group one place for all pharmaceuticals needs.

SDS Group is a seasoned professional with Team over +17 years’ rich experience in Quality, marketing, operations and innovation in India and Abroad. We provide technical knowledge based, accurate as desired, efficient & swift sources solution for international business growth.

To put it rather honestly, we are potential partners in your path to progress, thereby acting as a catalyst to augment your development. We are equipped with an enriched knowledge base that defies all boundaries. Empowered with knowledge from our partners spread across the globe, we work with Indian manufacturers in the field of pharmaceuticals, food & nutraceuticals, herbal products, Veterinary products, Biotech Prod packaging & machinery, to expedite export trading.

Looking at the current global scenario, business in India is growing at a fast pace as its a global sourcing hub for majority of the overseas companies worldwide specially those dealing in pharmaceuticals, food, feed, herbal products, nutraceuticals, biotech products, veterinary products and the like. To meet the ever-rising demand it would be a wise strategic decision for global players to join hands with an Indian company. SDS Business Hub can fill the gap between global players and Indian manufacturers to assure way direct communication between the customer and supplier for a hurdle free business transaction.

To match your strong purchasing capability, we can provide you the right guidance to identify the accurate quality of products at competitive rates. As your partner we can introduce you to the best supplier who meets your expectations within the current regulatory environment in terms of quality, capability, certifications, price, reliability, sustainability and consistency. We understand that a purchase is not always focused on rates but its involves several other factors that help fortify a long-term association as a partner rather than purely as customer and supplier. We strongly believe that this is a key to achieving success in business.

Our Vision SDS Business Hub aims to be one of the most renowned and trusted companies worldwide. It aims to become a synonym to ‘Quality’ and ‘Availability’ & aims to be a global leader in pharmaceutical development and maintain its expertise as a marketing. regulatory and sourcing partner.

Our Mission SDS Business Hub aims to become the most valued pharma partner to the world pharma fraternity by continuously researching, developing and manufacturing a wide range of pharmaceutical products that comply with the highest regulatory standards.

Our Products

SDS Business Hub, an India based reputed & trusted group one place for all pharmaceuticals needs which offers pharmaceuticals, Finiesh Dosage Forms, Excipients, Pellets & Granules, herbal & Phytoextracts, food & nutraceuticals, Essential & cosmetics ingredients, Biotech Products, Pharma packaging & machinery, Mineral Fortifiers & many mores as on demand or preorder booking for mutual long term association.


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