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SDS BUSINESS HUB Corporate Business Park, 508, Vihav Trade Center, Near Waves Club, Bhayali Canal Ring Road, Bhayali, Vadodara. Gujarat, India. 390012.

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+91 7600661605

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(1) General

The following general sales conditions (GT&C) apply for all sales, deliveries and offers from SDS Business HUB also in the framework of the website under, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. When the contract is awarded, the purchaser acknowledges the following conditions. The buying conditions of the purchaser do not obligate SDS Group even if SDS Group has not expressly objected to them. Only these GT&Cs apply even if the purchaser’s order contains other limitations or supplements.

Terms of use:

Our product range is aimed exclusively at commercial customers. First time customers need to provide an appropriate certificate (business registration, extract from the commercial register etc) at the time of registration with us or upon request. The content at our site is non-binding information. The content of the site are constantly updated by us as per online request provided by different vendors. We cannot guarantee that mistakes are out of the question. No liability is accepted for any errors. We are not responsible if any problem found with product, if any immediate need to inform at our contact details with written mail with problem details, but it should be within maximum 14 days from date of invoice generation, after then no entertain will do.

Terms of Delivery:

It is fully solo responsibilities of seller to make proper arrangement of delivery of material to direct vendor/buyer / purchaser from seller own courier facility or SDS group connected courier services across within the country as per general terms and condition.

(2) Pricing Terms and Generation of Tax Invoice:

The Offer/selling price or quotations are net prices to which value added applicable Tax as per country will be added. The price calculation is done at the supplier’s offices as per country currency the respectively applicable sales tax. The prices in our site are intended as non-binding, orientation information. Please note that we require your tax identification number as per country rules or other Tax related documents for the legal procedure.

Payment procedure and charges:

Only buyer & seller both solo responsible to make clear payment as per purchase order/request. SDS Group is not at all responsible for such issues.

For Seller:

Payments will be made immediate or as payment conditions after satisfaction confirmation by mail, text etc from Vendor/buyer/Purchaser within country as per general terms and condition. Seller must to pay selling service charges on basic price per each individual Item or as per Tax Invoice, whichever is higher amount per order to SDS business HUB as below details. Business service charges will be directly deduct as below table during the making online payments as per terms & condition.

Sr. No Each Tax Invoice amount (Value as per country Currency) Business service charges in % for seller.
1. 0 INR to 5,00,000 INR 5%
2. 5,00,000 INR to 10,00,000 INR 4%
3. 10,00,000 INR to 15,00,000 INR 3%
4. 15,00,000 INR to 25,00,000 INR 2%
5. 25,00,000 INR on up to 1%

For Buyer:

Payment will be made in advance (As per Term and condition) then and only material will be dispatch from supplier after mail confirmation. You will find the different payment methods when you proceed to checkout. These may differ depending on the client relationship: Invoice, Prepayment, Credit Card, Direct Debit, Net banking and many mores. Payments are being processed with our payment provider Concardis.

(3) Awarding the contract

Offers and contracts are only legally binding if they have been confirmed without reservation in a written order confirmation by SDS GROUP or when SDS GROUP has sent the goods thought the seller to the customer with an invoice. Special requirements or specifications must be repeated in every order. Offers are non-binding.

For toxins and substances whose use is subject to legal or governmental regulations of country the order by the customer is considered as declaration of a permitted intended use.

(4) Minimum order value

There is no any limit for minimum order.

The costs for international deliveries (If Applicable) can be found in the sales and delivery conditions.

Additional costs can be incurred when ordering bulky goods or larger products.

(5) Delivery

Material will be deliver after payment confirmation or as per on customer relation.Shipping is always at the risk of the purchaser according to INCOTERMS EXW (ex-works). The risk is transferred to the customer as soon as the goods leave SDS GROUP’s delivery site. The risk is also transferred to the purchaser when shipped from SDS GROUP’s/ Supplier headquarters if a freight-free delivery is agreed upon. Special transport and freight costs shall be paid by the purchaser.

(6) Delivery deadline

The delivery times provided by SDS GROUP in offers and orders are always non-binding, unless they have been expressly confirmed by SDS GROUP in writing as a “binding delivery date”. Insofar as force majeure or circumstances that are caused by the primary supplier or the purchaser exist, the delivery deadline extends in an appropriate scope or SDS GROUP can withdraw from the obligation to deliver. The delivery by SDS GROUP is subject to the delivery by the primary suppliers. SDS GROUP shall notify the purchaser immediately if a delivery from a primary supplier is not made and reimburse already received payments.

Partial payments and partial deliveries are permissible in a reasonable scope. Installment payments may only be invoiced in a reasonable scope. In case of a delay in delivery, the purchaser, upon our request and within a reasonable deadline, is obligated to declare whether he/she still insists on the delivery or wants to withdraw from the contract due to the delay and/or demands compensation for damages instead of the service. The purchaser is only authorized to enforce further rights in cases of delays of the delivery caused by SDS GROUP if a grace period of at least two weeks after the onset of the delay has been fruitless.

(7) Packaging

The delivery is always including manufacturer packaging. SDS GROUP selects additional packaging based on the respective requirements. Additional costs incurred due to product-specific features or additional packaging are invoiced separately. Purchaser packaging can only be used with prior consent. Returning packaging in the framework of the statutory provisions is only possible after prior agreement with SDS GROUP.

(8) Data protection

SDS GROUP is authorized to process and store all relevant data pertaining to the purchaser for its own purposes in compliance with the provisions in the German Data Protection Act.

(9) Complaints and guarantee

The purchaser must inspect the goods immediately after receipt to ensure that the quality and quantity fulfills the contractual agreements. Defects that can be determined by a proper inspection of the goods and deliveries that deviated from the ordered goods or quantities must be registered as complaints within fourteen (14) days after receipt of the goods. Hidden defects must be reported to the supplier however at the latest twelve (12) months after receipt of the goods.

If the purchaser does not register the complaint on time, the goods are considered accepted by the purchaser with regards to the quality and quantity. With regards to the guarantee and/or goodwill services, SDS GROUP refers to the respective conditions of the manufacturer. Rejected goods may only be returned with permission from SDS GROUP. If the purchaser reports the defects or rejects the delivery of other goods than those ordered, the goods will be exchanged by SDS GROUP or returned and the purchase price reimbursed.

If in case of an exchange of goods, the replacement goods are also defective, SDS GROUP shall grant the purchaser the right to withdraw or reduce the price. If incorrect quantities are reported in time, SDS GROUP has the option of making subsequent deliveries or reimbursing accordingly.

(10) Return policy

Generally, returns can only be accepted in the undamaged, unopened and unlabelled original packing of the manufacturer or supplier. If an order is cancelled by the purchaser prior to delivery, SDS GROUP is authorized to charge the purchaser for all costs that are incurred due to the cancellation. This applies in particular to cancellation and withdrawal costs for which we are invoiced by our suppliers. Return shipments of goods that are defect-free and for which we are not responsible may only be shipped with our express consent, postage paid, to our warehouse. For the costs we incur, we are authorized to charge a processing fee of up to 15% of the value of the goods, but at least 1500₹ plus sales tax or to deduct this from the credit.

If you find fault with an ordered item, please contact direct supplier with written mail in details. Use the following Return Form to return the item, If required.

(11) Liability

Notwithstanding the provisions pertaining to the guarantee and other special regulations in these provisions, the following applies in cases of a breach of obligation by SDS GROUP:

(A) The purchaser must grant SDS GROUP a reasonable grace period of at least 2 weeks to remedy the breach of obligation.
(B) Only after the post-fulfillment has been unsuccessful and the grace period is over, may the purchase withdraw from the contract and/or demand compensation of damages.
(C) Claims for damages are excluded unless otherwise stated in the following:
(A) The purchaser must grant SDS GROUP a reasonable grace period of at least 2 weeks to remedy the breach of obligation.
(B) Only after the post-fulfillment has been unsuccessful and the grace period is over, may the purchase withdraw from the contract and/or demand compensation of damages.
(C) Claims for damages are excluded unless otherwise stated in the following:

(12) Payment conditions

Payment obligations due to goods deliveries must be fulfilled immediate against order / within maximum thirty (30) days from the date of invoice as per mutual terms with selling charges. For payments made via wire transfer or check, the payment obligation is only fulfilled when the invoice amount has been credited to SDS GROUP’s bank account or vendor account. If the target is exceeded, SDS GROUP is authorized to charge interest in the amount of the common bank interest, however, a minimum of 8 percent points above the respective base interest rate. SDS GROUP is authorized to demand advanced payment.

(13) Retention of rights

All goods delivered by SDS GROUP remain the property of SDS GROUP until the purchaser has paid the entire purchase price resulting from the mutual business relationship. When the purchaser processes the goods delivered by SDS GROUP, SDS GROUP is considered the manufacturer and acquires the ownership of the newly created goods. The purchaser herewith cedes, for security, all receivables resulting from the sale of goods to which SDS GROUP holds ownership rights in the scope of SDS GROUP’s ownership share of the sold goods. The purchaser must immediately inform SDS GROUP of any restriction of its rights to the goods it owns, in particular seizures and other confiscations. If the purchaser does not fulfill its obligations toward SDS GROUP in the full scope, the goods must be returned if SDS GROUP requests without SDS GROUP withdrawing from the contract.

(14) Non-binding consultation

SDS GROUP consults its customers with regards to application to the best of its ability in the framework of the circumstances; this consultation is, however, non-binding. This applies in particular with regards to the compliance with any and all third party trademark rights. The recommendations from SDS GROUP do not release the customer from the requirement of inspecting the products autonomously for suitability for the intended purpose.

(15) Property rights

The contents on this website, in particular the images, are the property of SDS GROUP or third party providers and may only be used for your purposes with our express permission.

(16) Applicable sales law

The contractual relationship is subject to the laws of the respected country. The provisions of the Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods do not apply.

(17) Place of fulfillment

The place of fulfillment for SDS GROUP’s obligations is Gujarat, India. The place of fulfillment for the purchaser, in particular for the payment, is Gujarat, India.

(18) Jurisdiction

For all disputes resulting from the contract relationship, if the purchaser is a merchant, a legal entity under public law or a separate estate under public law, Vadodara, Gujarat, India is the sole place of jurisdiction.

(19) Validity of individual provisions

Should individual provisions be invalid, the applicability of the remaining provisions is not affected.